Up Yours Copper By Death Machines of London

Staring down the wind

Let’s get one thing out the way right away. I am not a designer. Not any more. I strayed from that path many years ago. But that doesn’t…

Pound symbol, Sterling

What happened when I wrote to the Bank of England

Let’s be honest. Writing a letter to the Bank of England on a Friday night is probably not very high on anyone’s list of things to do.¬†And it…

Picture of three snowflake icons

Snow, come

Snow Come Sing your verse Lay your silence On the earth   Snow Fall Let me walk All over you Footprints drawn   Snow Stay Rest in peace…

graphic of a sales graph with the arrow pointing up

Vampire algorithms, hurricanes and surge pricing

Surge pricing – or price gouging as it’s less affectionately known – is championed in certain circles as a good thing; it’s the free market doing its thing….

graphic of a heartbeat and pulse

How to fund the NHS or any public service

Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, recently said the government should take advantage of “record low interest rates” and “borrow” money to invest in infrastructure that leads to more affordable…

A silhouette of a pig

The Pig in the Tree

Out of all the things I’ve ever written, or tried writing, a children’s story has been one of the hardest. Because you’ve got to make each word work…

Silhouette of a Chinese dragon on an orange background

Kill the dragon

Definitions matter. Process matters. Why? Because they provide understanding, clarity of purpose and direction. And those things matter because you don’t want to waste your time, money and…

23 dots representing 23 excuses

Excuses bring you comfort

I had a dream once. I wanted to retire at the age of forty. Well, that time has come and gone without much fanfare or any sign of…


The one thing every new dad needs to know

So you’re having a baby! You’re going to be a new dad. That’s brilliant news. I’m sure you’ll make a great dad. As soon as you announce it,…

Light bulb

A moment of inspiration

A good friend said to me today that we should hold each other accountable. I said I’d rather inspire him. We were talking about helping each other. How…