A good friend said to me today that we should hold each other accountable.

I said I’d rather inspire him.

We were talking about helping each other.

How we could continue to encourage each other to write meaningful and share worthy content for our blogs. Or at least, that’s how I interpreted the point of the conversation. Because let’s face it, there are enough ten-things-of-this-and-that posts out there already. If the web needs anything, it needs more meaningful, inspiring content. Not trite shite.

And that got me thinking.

“What does it really mean to inspire someone?”

Hell, what does the word inspire even mean?

Make someone else do something? Feel something? Think something? Cause a change in their being, attitude or perspective? Whatever it is, I think it’s meant to be a positive change.

Then I remembered.

My friend and I had had a similar conversation a few years back and we agreed that being inspired means to be in step with someone else.

Figuratively, it means to breathe something into someone, like an idea or a profound truth. But for that to happen the other person has to be breathing in while you’re breathing out i.e. you both have to be in sync for a moment of inspiration to occur.

Yes. That’s it.

And when we feel inspired, we feel as though the other person understands us and we understand them.

Not just that though.

There’s more.

In that very brief moment, a sense of dissolution and desegregation also occurs. The self dissolves, or more precisely the barriers between selves dissolve.

But that dissolution isn’t destructive, like a glass shattering in front of an opera singer when the pitch of her voice resonates at the same frequency as the glass.


Inspired dissolution creates something new: a shared experience, understanding, and feeling that we are understanding the same thing in the same way at the same time. Unity then.

When my friend and I both realised this, we laughed. There was a moment of silence. We said our goodbyes and I felt inspired to write about it.