I love music.

The way it makes me feel. The people, places and things it reminds me of. The power it has to reach and move millions of us simultaneously. Invisibly.

And even though the same song may reach millions of us simultaneously, each breath, each beat, each word, each chorus and note may mean something different. And that meaning can change over time. Its significance can vary and evolve too.

That’s what I love about music.

It can be everything, anything and nothing. To everyone, anyone and no one. Everywhere, anywhere and nowhere. All at once.

Invisible power.

That’s why I wrote this book. I want to express what music means to me and how it powers and punctuates my life.

The idea came to me after having breakfast with four people, one of whom presents a radio show about 90s music.

It got me thinking.

What are the 33 songs that have made a mark on my life so far, and why?

But it isn’t about the songs per se. Their notes. Their structure. Their lyrics. The theory or technicalities.

It’s about the moment that led up to the song, that surrounded it or the moment after it. The song is the anchor for the moment.

All the best, Lee

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