Out of all the things I’ve ever written, or tried writing, a children’s story has been one of the hardest.

Because you’ve got to make each word work twice as hard as it normally would.

There’s no room for manoeuvre. You can’t take your time to get to the point. The audience won’t stand for it.

I wrote the words and a lady called Sarah-Jane Griffey (SJ) drew the pictures. She also came up with some good ideas for the layout. I hope you like her work; she’s a talented illustrator.

A chap called Doug Vallgren, who wrote Rupert the Dinosaur, made some really good suggestions about how to plan out the words, pictures and pages over a pint one night in the pub. He also gave me some really good advice about how to get this published.

And now, it’s over to you.

Have a read and let me know what you think:


If you’d  like to publish this or use the content in any way, please drop me a line. You can find SJ on Instagram and Rupert the Dinosaur here.