The Fire and the Fox

A modern fable for all

Is based on an ancient Finnish myth and tells the tale of how the Northern Lights came to be. This is my first foray into the world of myth and morality. And like all good stories, it reveals something about ourselves and our place in the world – it helps us appreciate what we should value and what’s truly important in life.

“It has the rhythm and fabular quality of a younger children’s book, but the diction and rhyme of a book for older children and adults. It’s a modern fable for all.”

Available from all good bookshops

It’s on Amazon and at local bookshops like Bookbugs and Dragon Tales. More fables are on their way. Drop Walnut Tree Publishing a line for more details.

Release date
October 2022


Published by
Walnut Tree Publishing, UK

One tree at a time

I plant a tree for every copy sold, because I love trees – and there is no planet B.