Day Twelve

With no weight training resistance bands anymore, I am left with no choice but to beg forgiveness from Joe Wicks.

Log on and start with one of his five-minute beginner sessions. 

Special asks two very important questions that I have been fearing, “Dad, why does he have to wear such tight t-shirts?”

“That’s a very good question.”

“I think it’s for the ladies.”

“I think you’re right.”

Special is nine years old.

“And why do they have to be such bright colours?”

“Again, another very good question.”

“I think it’s for the ladies.”

“Yes. I think you’re right.”

Decide it might be time to buy a tight-fitting colourful t-shirt to see if it increases or decreases my attractiveness to Babe. Orange should do the trick, or Lime.

Receive a reply from Sara, after I told her that I use her texts in my blog. She is delighted:

Lord Admiral Carnihan, Honourable Sailor of the Seven Seas, Killer of the Kraken and Loyal Servant of the Sea God Poseidon… again I love it, it’s brilliant. I hope you’re going to collate your collection into a book at the end of all this?! I’ll buy one!

Also, I love getting this glimpse into your secret home life. Mainly because I’m nosy as f*ck!! It sounds about as thrilling as ours, although Dale and I had a massive argument yesterday about…. Toad in the Hole. Yep, it went on for about an hour too and actually stayed on track to be about Toad in the Hole the entire time. Impressive hey. I would happily have swapped him for ASDA value tinned ravioli or spaghetti worms (as we call them) by the end of it.

Love that my text gets a mention – I’m officially famous.

I had the WORST experience yesterday. Billy was on a group video call with three of his school friends and decided that would be a good time to come into the shower to ask me something. Whilst I was BUTT FRICKING NAKED. I may have shouted GET THE FUCK OUT in my horror. So some really good parenting occurring over here. I’ve sworn at my own child and flashed my bits and bobs to half his class. Nice. 

Hope you are surviving, and Babe of course. Love to you both xxx